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“Don’t wait to buy land, buy land and wait.” – Will Rogers 

Land Club is a regulated Crowdfunding platform that gives you the opportunity to invest in strategic land. 

Land Club provide investment opportunity into strategic land via equity based crowdfunding and via debt through our Land Club Bond.

Investment into The Land Club Bond can be made via an Innovative Finance ISA.

A strategic land investment opportunity generally refers to land that has significant residential or commercial development potential, due to close proximity to key transport links, high demand for housing and nearby community amenities.

Strategic Land includes both Brownfield and Greenfield sites. Brownfield sites are often disused or derelict land and as such often prove to be unsightly areas in need of urban redevelopment. Greenfield sites are parcels of land that have not previously been built on, but given the housing demands in the UK, many greenfield sites are in a prime position to be used to develop on and meet that need.

Our strategic planning partner is Savills. In 2016, the team secured planning permission for over 17,000 new homes and are  currently promoting Strategic Land with a total capacity of in excess of 150,000 residential units. 

The returns on Strategic Land can be very appealing. Savills estimates that planning consent increases land values by an average of 50-60%. And the following provides further support to strategic land investment:
Traditionally land ownership has been the preserve of the wealthy few, just 0.6% of the population own 50% of our Country’s land! It is time for change. Land Club’s mission is to bring land ownership and investment opportunities to everyone not just the privileged few. .

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