“Landlords grow rich in their sleep” – John Stuart Mill
“Land is the basis of all wealth” – Adam Smith

The opportunity to invest in strategic Land arrives at a significant moment in our country’s history. A lack of good quality, available housing is a national problem, where construction of new and suitably community-orientated developments have not kept pace with our economy and population growth.

Consequently, local authorities are coming under increasing pressure to approve planning applications and oversee the development of promising sites. One of the government's key challenges in meeting this target is to find the land on which to build them. Lets help them and secure significant returns in the process.
(Please note past performance is not an indicator of future results).

Average value of UK greenfield development land to increase above that of house prices

Urban land values have risen by a cumulative 21% since the beginning of 2015

78% of authorities in the London Belt have recently or are currently reviewing their Green Belt boundaries as part of preparation of an up to date development plan

The Government aim to ensure that 90% of suitable brownfield sites have planning permission for housing by 2020

There is a shortfall of more than 90,000 consents a year in areas where demand is highest

The total value of GB farmland and woodland has increased 149% over the past 10 years

Land Values

Pre & Post Planning

Pre Planning Post Planning % Increase
Excluding London £ 1,275,500 £ 1,958,000 53.87%
Including London £ 3,718,000 £ 6,017,000 61.83%