Strategic land investment in the UK has the potential for generating significant wealth in the coming years. Land Club has been designed to provide well-informed investors with the opportunity to benefit from the unique circumstances presented by overwhelming residential land requirement throughout the UK.

What is Strategic Land
A strategic land investment opportunity generally refers to land that has significant residential or commercial development potential, due to close proximity to key transport links, high demand for housing and nearby community amenities.

Strategic Land includes both Brownfield and Greenfield sites. Brownfield sites are often disused or derelict land and as such often prove to be unsightly areas in need of urban redevelopment. Greenfield sites are parcels of land that have not previously been built on, but given the housing demands in the UK, many greenfield sites are in a prime position to be used to develop on and meet that need.  

Why Invest in UK Strategic Land
Government targets suggest at least 240,000 new homes need to be built every year until 2020, in order to tackle the housing crisis in the UK. These new homes require land to be built on and that is where land becomes categorised as a highly sought after commodity.

Land Club gives you the opportunity to invest in strategic land, either via equity based crowdfunding or through our IFISA eligible bond.

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