You should consider investing with Land Club only if:
  • Your financial circumstances allow you to lose all or some of the money you invest
  • You have considered whether investing in property development is in line with your personal financial circumstances and overall investment objectives, including your tolerance for risk and capital loss
  • You have fully read and understood everything that is set out on the pitch page of the property development in which you intend to invest
  • You have the knowledge and experience to understand the how investing with Land Club works, its objectives, and its risks
  • You will not need instant access to the money that you invest
  • You understand what a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is
  • You are informed about and comfortable investing in a SPV that is not traded on any public market i.e. you may find it difficult or impossible to sell your investment
  • You understand that any losses from this investment are not eligible for compensation from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)
  • You are not a resident or citizen, including dual citizen, of the USA, Canada, or any country where an investment in a property promoted by Land Club would be unlawful